You are currently viewing Twitter employees not allow to tweet about Elon Musk deal
Twitter employees not allow to tweet about Elon Musk deal

Twitter employees not allow to tweet about Elon Musk deal

Twitter has told employees not to tweet about the Elon Musk deal after it took an interesting turn. As we reported, the company is trying to force the tech billionaire to see through his offer to buy the company.

If the deal goes through, investors will make nearly $20 more on every stock that they own, and the company will be valued higher than it currently is. However, there is distrust between Musk’s camp and the social media company’s sales team.

With a legal battle on the horizon should Elon Musk choose not to honour his offer, the company has a new directive for staff. In an internal memo, Twitter’s general counsel told employees not to discuss the merger agreement. So, they are not to even discuss it among themselves on Slack.

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Employees are also warned to refrain from Tweeting about it to the public as well. The reason for this warning is that the deal is now a legal matter, and employees could be liable for statements they make concerning it.

Twitter told employees that it will keep them updated on what is happening with the deal but warns that what they will learn will be limited ‘in the meantime.’ It has also called on staffers to be patient and understanding during this period.

If any party is found in breach of the agreement, they will have to pay $1 billion for not making the deal go through. Elon Musk has formally requested to be freed from the deal.

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