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Twitter Data Hack Exposes Email Addresses Of millions Of Users

Email addresses of more than 200 million Twitter users were posted on a hacker forum after a data hack scandal, according to reports making rounds on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

The data leak could be the latest trouble to befall the embattled social media company and could prove costly for users who are on the platform anonymously. However, Twitter had not confirmed the report, neither did it deny it.

After the news surfaced, the company put out a tweet about safety and how owners of compromised accounts can regain access and control. While the tweet could be a timely reminder that coincides with news, it could also be a way for the Twitter to prepare users for an eventuality that the data leak may be true.

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Data leaks involving email addresses pose other kinds of dangers besides compromise of an account. For example, it could lead to users who prefer to hide their identity being doxed by bad actors. Then, there is the danger of becoming a victim of phishing attacks.

According to a BBC report on the matter, Alon Gal, an expert at cyber-crime information firm Hudson Rock, said that the leak was significant.

About a week prior, a hacker who goes by the name of Ryushi was asking Twitter to pay $200,000 to stop them from publishing emails and phone numbers linked to 400 million Twitter accounts. It is not clear if this leak is part of Ryushi’s attempt to strongarm the company.

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