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Twitter Fact-Check Community Notes Expands To Four More Countries

Twitter has now expanded its Community Notes, a crowd-sourced fact-checking feature, to four more countries outside the United States. The four new countries where you can contribute from are UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.


The company made the announcement on Friday, adding that the contributor base for Community Notes will increase by 10% every week. Also, it says that it will expand into more countries soon.



Since taking over Twitter, Musk has said that there would be less control over what people can and cannot say. He has been openly critical of the former administration’s approach publishing the Twitter Files to reveal what they were doing behind the scene.


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To cut cost, he has fired almost everyone working on content moderation and in its place, he introduced Community Notes to provide contexts to misleading Tweets. However, this has not been without challenges.


Many problematic Tweets have been seen to fly around without the correction context and it appears that the fact-checking only applies to certain keywords or Tweets with large interactions.


Another issue with the Twitter Community Notes is that there are not enough members. As this report shows, it was only available to people in the US, and now, a total of five countries. These members are not enough to cover millions of the tweets that go out every hour.


trusted phone carrier provider problem Twitter Community Notes
Many users are facing the same obstacle in joining Community Notes. Image Source: @d3estiiny/Twitter.


Joining Twitter Community Notes is not also easy as interested users have found that the ‘trusted phone network provider’ hurdle has been a challenge. You can read more on how to join Twitter Community Notes.


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