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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Is Reconsidering His Plan To Live In Africa

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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has said he is reconsidering his plan to live in Africa for several months this year. He had initially said he didn’t know which country he would have chosen. Now, it seems his plans to stay on the continent will remain on hold due to the spread of coronavirus.


Dorsey revealed in November 2019 that he is planning to spend at least three to six months in Africa. The Twitter co-founder said at the time that “Africa will define the future”.


“I had been working on my plans where I’d work decentralized, as my team and I do when we travel, but in light of COVID-19 and everything else going on I need to reevaluate. Either way, we’ll continue to pursue opportunities in Africa,” Dorsey said at Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco.


What Jack Dorsey, however, terms as everything else is perhaps the threat by Elliot Management Corporation to remove him from his position as CEO.  The group accumulated about 4% of Twitter and also plan to occupy about three vacant seats on Twitter’s board.

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Twitter CEO Jack Africa
Twitter co-founder & CEO, Jack Dorsey. Photo: Cole Burston / Bloomberg.

“I should have given my decision more context”

The decision to move to Africa is perhaps why Elliot Management Corporation wants to oust Jack. He concedes that he should have given the decision announced in a tweet some context at the time.


“When I tweeted about my intention to spend a few months in Africa this year, I made a mistake and should have provided more context about why,” Jack said.


“Africa will be one of the most populated continents in the next 20 to 30 years, the tech innovation is incredible with a large portion of the population still coming onto the internet. Huge opportunity especially for young people to join Twitter and for us to learn to best serve them,” He added.


Other companies are also changing their plans due to the spread of coronavirus with the disease affecting production. Most have been forced to cancel events and are hoping that a cure is found soon.


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