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Decentralized social media

Twitter CEO Dreams Of A Decentralized Social Media

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, dreams of a future of decentralized social media; where it’s possible to choose what you’d prefer to see on social media by picking out your favorite recommendation algorithm. This is a change from the current method where social media users have to rely on the social media company’s recommended algorithm.


Dorsey tried explaining this vision of how a decentralized social network could work on a call with investors. He also shared why his company, Twitter, would want to create a network that’s beyond the control of itself or any other company.


Dorsey told investors how Twitter could benefit from such an arrangement. He says by having access to “a much larger corpus of conversation,” the micro-blogging site can surface relevant content to users. “That’s where we will be competitive,” he said.

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He also said Twitter is “excited to build” features that will give people more choice over the content they see. “You can imagine an app-store-like view of ranking algorithms that give people ultimate flexibility in terms of” what posts they can view Dorsey told investors.


Dorsey also says decentralization could “address some of the problems” around Section 230. Section 230 is the law that gives platforms protection from user-created content and has been a target for some legislators, recently. To Dorsey, a decentralized network might offer Twitter an opportunity way to avoid issues if stricter rules were to be enacted.


Twitter has been working on a decentralized social media network, called Bluesky since December 2019. Twitter says the Bluesky team may choose to work with an existing decentralized system; or build a new one depending on what the team considers as the best approach.



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