Twitch Will Now Let Users Have Threaded Conversations

Twitch Will Now Let Users Have Threaded Conversations

Those who have seen a Twitch stream know how chaotic the chat section can get. You can tag a specific user to talk to them directly, but following a specific conversation is nearly impossible. To make things manageable, Twitch is introducing threaded conversations, a feature that’s already available with other social apps.



Twitch is calling it Chat Replies, and you can make use of the capability by clicking the arrow icon over a message and typing in your response. There’s another way to do this, which involves keyboard shortcuts. To start a threaded conversation, enter the @username of the person that you would like to respond to, select the appropriate username by navigating through the list of suggested users, and press ALT (Windows) / OPTION (Mac) + ENTER. Once a threaded conversation is initiated, the Chat button changes to a Reply button.

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Twitch chat is instrumental for creators, as it lets them build communities on the site, so it’s possible that this capability could improve these connections.



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