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Twenty Keyboard Commands that will Make your Life Easier



If you must work on your computer as part of your daily routine, you will sometimes need to promptly give your computer some commands.

There are various shortcuts commands that can make your computing experience seamless.

These include some basic commands that you should know and that could ultimately help you work faster and more efficiently. Whether you use your computer for work or assignment, you will find some of these useful.

These shortcuts work across many common programmes and apps, including most Microsoft Office applications. Some of the commands have multiple functions, depending on where they are being used.

This is a sort of alphabetical arrangement for these commands:

  1. Ctrl+A

This command is used to highlight everything in the current folder, document, or page.

  1. Ctrl + B

This is used on Microsoft word to Bold your text.

  1. Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert

To copy a selected text, image, or item to the clipboard.

  1. Ctrl + D

Used on Microsoft Excel. It is the Fill Down command. It copies the content and formatting from the topmost cell to all highlighted cells below. Can also be used on web browser to bookmark the current site.

  1. Ctrl + E

This is used on Microsoft Word to center-align a paragraph. Hitting the hotkey twice will switch back to left alignment.

  1. Ctrl+F

To Open up a search window and in Microsoft Outlook, this forwards a message.

  1. Ctrl + I

Comes in handy on Microsoft Word to italicize your text.

  1. Ctrl + J

This is used to justify your paragraph on MS Word. Hitting it twice will switch back to left alignment.

  1. Ctrl + K

Also used on MS Word to create a hyperlink.

  1. Ctrl + L

Useful when you want to left-align your paragraph while using Microsoft Word.

  1. Ctrl + N

This shortcut opens a new window.

  1. Ctrl + P

Used to print the current document or page.

  1. Ctrl + R

An MS Word command used to right-align your paragraph. Hitting it twice will switch back to left alignment.

  1. Ctrl+S

This pretty much means save on every page. Whether it is to save an open document, file, or webpage.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + T

This helps you to open the last tab/tabs you closed. It comes in very handy when you mistakenly close your browser.

  1. Ctrl + U

Helps while you are using MS Word to Underline your text.

  1. Ctrl+V

Used to paste contents of the clipboard into the current programme or window.

  1. Ctrl + W

A swift way to close the current window against prying eyes.

  1. Ctrl+X

To cut or remove the selected text, image, or item and move it to on the clipboard for possible pasting elsewhere.

  1. Ctrl+Z

Helps to undo the last action performed. Especially useful when you make an editing error whether while designing or typing.

Though many of these shortcuts work across multiple programmes, they’re not universal. Each programme requires support for shortcuts, and each piece of software may have its own unique shortcuts.

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