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12 Questions That Help Measure Your Emotional Intelligence

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People tend to, more often than not, overlook emotional intelligence or quotient. It wasn’t initially seen as the sole measurement of success; rather, Intelligence Quotient was. However, EI is the intangible self skill that’s required for personal and professional success. It contributes to success massively and is the key to actually thriving in life.




Emotional Intelligence is that missing link in the measurement of success. Less of it could impact you negatively; while more is responsible for setting apart star performers from the rest. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know how much EI you have and how you can improve yours if you lack it.


A scientifically valid test is a possible step to take. However, they aren’t free. Fortunately, you can determine if you’re emotionally intelligent with a few questions you need to ask yourself.


Discover your emotional strength by watching the video below. Identify your behaviour from the hallmarks of a High EI and share your results.


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