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How to turn yourself into a cartoon character on Zoom calls

Spice up your Zoom calls by turning yourself into a cartoon character and having as much fun as possible while taking care of business.

Using the free Snap Camera app includes a cartoon filter that generates a DreamWorks or Pixar character on Zoom. Although the range of emotions possible on the cartoon face is limited, it is still quite fluid without evident lapses in changes.

Here is how to turn your character into a cartoon on Zoom calls:

– Download and install the Snap Camera app, and grant it access to your microphone and camera

– Run the app, start a Zoom call and select Snap Camera as your camera input: on Mac, click Preferences > Video > Camera > Snap Camera | on PC, click Settings Video > Camera > Snap Camera.

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Now, go to the Snap Camera app and choose the Cartoon style filter from the options under the camera feed. Also, you get to set up a custom shortcut to quickly move from one cartoon style to the other and create versatility during calls.

The Snap Camera app works on devices running on Windows 10 and older and those running macOS 10.13 and older. Additionally, the app gets frequent updates, and new filters and characters are added.

Besides the Cartoon Style filters, you can also use other filters during Zoom calls to like; Flower Child, Dancing Stars, Magical Night, Devious Cat, Anime Style, Baby, and more.

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