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Turkey Restores Access To Wikipedia In The Region On Its 19th Birthday

Wikipedia is now accessible in Turkey and thus, citizens can access the information website. This comes after 33 months of restriction in the country, since April 2017.


Wikipedia turned 19 years old on 15th January 2020, and it made the announcement via its Twitter handle.



The Turkish government mounted the block after a short battle between them and Wikipedia. In 2017, an article surfaced on the service that fingered Turkey’s connection to Islamic State (IS) group and al-Qaeda in Syria.


Despite the affected government’s directive to have the article removed, Wikipedia had refused, resulting in its ban in the country.


Now, after 991 days, Turkey lifts the ban.


But as the platform revealed, the unblocking is a gradual process. It explained:


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This news followed congratulatory messages as people hailed freedom of speech for accomplishing another feat. Wikimedia Foundation hosts Wikipedia.


Wikipedia Turkey lift ban
Wikipedia office building


Wikipedia has also faced many criticisms in the past. Most times, critics attack its content, its community of established users, and its processes. They point at the fact that most articles are not accurate and have readability issues.


However, the service stated that it receives lots of contributors. It tweeted:



In July 2019, was listed as the fifth most visited website in the world according to Digital Information World. It had over 3.11 page views every day.


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