Tunde Kelani’s “Ayinla” Grosses N70 Million+ In Box Office

Tunde Kelani’s “Ayinla” Grosses N70 Million+ In Box Office

Tunde Kelani’s critically acclaimed film “Ayinla” is currently enjoying whooping success at the cinemas. Ayinla Review— An elaborate celebration of culture and music |The film in its fifth week of showing has grossed over N70.49 Million despite its availability in only just 35 cinemas and being in Yoruba Language.

“Ayinla” follows the life of legendary Apala musician Ayinla Omowura and the events leading to his abrupt demise.

Lateef Adedimeji who played the lead in the film recently described the role as a game-changer in his career.

“Ayinla set me on a mood way beyond my imagination. I have always prayed for all my life that someday I’ll do a “waka pass” on a Tunde Kelani’s set, so it was shocking to me when I got the lead. Ayinla was away from my usual,” he said.

For me, it was a shock when I saw the reception of Ayinla. I saw the way people appreciated it. It was a shock that people can really appreciate our own culture and our own movie like this.

What are we waiting for? If that can be done, then we all just need to wake up from our slumber and do some meaningful projects that will portray us well and then people can come and appreciate it.

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He also shared that the role was, however “quite challenging” because he had never read or watched any video about the late Apala singer.History Will Forever Be Kind To You For This, Fans Tell Popular Actor, Lateef Adedimeji for playing the role of Ayinla Omowura in a new movie (photos) | Nolly Naija News

“I’m never a fan of Apala music, I don’t know who Ayinla is until I got the script. So it was quite challenging for me. There was no video recording of him, no documentation of him at all. Every characterisation and mannerism was me building it up from stories about him. It was a very challenging task for me, and I really loved it.”

Directed by Tunde Kelani, and co-produced by Jade Osiberu’s Greoh Studios, “Ayinla“ will no doubt herald a new dawn of classic indigenous films and we’re here for it.


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