Tunde Kelani’s “Ayinla” Celebrates An Icon And The Beauty Of Apala Music

“Ayinla” dropped on Netflix in May 2022. The movie had premiered in Lagos in June 13, 2021 and was released to theatres on 18 June 2021.

Tunde Kelani's "Ayinla" Celebrates An Icon And The Beauty Of Apala Music
Photo of Adedimeji Lateef playing lead role in “Ayinla”

The film is centred on “Apala” legend Ayinla Omowura who was a music icon in the 80s. He was known far and wide due to his sonorous voice and the uniqueness of his lyrics.

This musician used his music to preach against vices, however he had his own shortcomings. This film directed by Tunde Kelani, will blow your mind.

Tunde Kelani announces production of Ayinla Omowura biopic | Pulse Nigeria
Photo of Tunde Kelani and Ayinla Omowura

For characterization, “Ayinla” came prepared. The characters did justice to their roles. Adedimeji Lateef was the vibrant and talented lead character who did his best to showcase the icon with his mannerism, body gestures, and dress sense.

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Last year Lateef Adedimeji at the unveiling of  “Ile Alayo”, a comedy series produced by Femi Adebayo said playing the lead role in the “Ayinla“ biopic was “quite challenging”.

This is because he had never read or watched any video about the late Apala singer.

“I’m never a fan of Apala music, I don’t know who Ayinla is until I got the script. So it was quite challenging for me. There was no video recording of him, no documentation of him at all.  Every characterisation and mannerism was me building it up from stories about him. It was a very challenging task for me, and I really loved it.”

The other lead actors such as Debo Adebayo aka Mr Macaroni, Jumoke Adetola, Kunle Afoloyan, Bimbo Ademoye, didn’t disappoint in their support roles.

The use of scenery, Yoruba language, dancing and music were a long way to showcase this star that almost took Apala music to London.

“Ayinla” is still trending on Netflix.

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