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Five Tips To Help Your Affordable Jewellery Last Longer

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We don’t always wear real gold-plated or silver jewellery; we are not trying to be mobbed. Moreover, who wants to wear authentic jewellery these days when you can get a variety of really good jewellery at an affordable price. Let’s keep the real ones in the safe, please.

But if your jewellery gives you away when it goes bad really fast, it could get a bit annoying and embarrassing. And you know you can’t have a complete outfit without these babies. They make a statement in whatever shape and form you choose to have them worn. From your neckpiece, earring, rings and wristwatch to your bracelets, you need to give them extra tender loving care.

Find out how you can take care of your jewellery and help them last longer with these tips.

1. Don’t spray perfume on them

When you spray perfume on your wrist and neck, the chemicals from the perfume could touch your jewellery and ruin them over time. Try to avoid spraying close to them.

2. If sweating, take them off quickly!

The sweat contains salty elements that contribute to making jewellery get bad faster. So when you spot the sweat, take off your accessories right away.

3. Store them well

Even if they don’t cost a million dollars, they still need the five-star treatment. When not in use, store your affordable jewellery in a cool spot to prevent them from wearing out.

4. Untangle with oil

It can get a bit annoying when your necklace gets tangled in the jewellery box. The easy hack to this is to oil it and then use a pin to untangle it. It would be way easier to achieve this and prevent scratches on its surface.

5. Squeaky clean tricks

To get your gold jewellery clean, smear a cloth with ketchup and wipe it clean. For your silver, smear with beer and do likewise. It would look brand new and ready to be the attention seeker that it is.

Let us know if these hacks were helpful!

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