You are currently viewing Truecaller iOS update brings better scam detection
Truecaller iOS update brings better scam detection

Truecaller iOS update brings better scam detection

Truecaller has released new features for its iOS update version, including better scam detection tech and more. Although, the company did not say if these features already exist on the Android version, and if not, when users are to expect it.

The latest iOS Truecaller update promises ten times better detection than the former version. And it will be less heavy, which will make it run faster. The company made the claims in a press release after the update rolled out.

The app would work fine on older iPhones like the iPhone 6S due to its lighter framework. Now, the app can detect spam, scam, or business calls better and quicker.

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In addition, new users also get a more effective onboarding process that makes them understand functionalities a lot quicker. An improved detail view also pops up when searching for a number. The app’s premium purchase flow is easier and offers features comparisons to see what you are paying for.

Apart from an overhauled search extension, the company says that it is working on more features. Users are to expect services like SMS filtering, spam detection, and community-like features such as sharing comments about spam calls.

Another service that is coming soon is a feature that lets users quickly find unknown numbers with a revamped number look-up widget. You could also allow Truecaller automatically block well-known spammers in its upcoming update and see statistics on these numbers.

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