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Travelling? Protect Your Luggage With These Tips

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There have been increased reports of travellers having their luggage tampered with at airports around the world. In a country like Nigeria especially, safety is an issue worth addressing. More people are having concerns about their luggage because of all the news circulating in the media. It is no longer just the fear of having your valuables stolen; travellers now also have a valid fear that their travel luggage might be at the mercy of potential smugglers looking to traffick drugs. Our tips could help!


On 24th April 2019, there were reports in the media that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has uncovered a cartel which specialises in planting illicit drugs in travellers’ luggage. This news subsequently made travellers even more cautious.


A Nigerian traveller by the name Zainab was also arrested by Saudi Arabia Police on 26th December 2018 shortly after arriving for Lesser Hajj. She was accused of entering the country with Tramadol. Further investigations revealed that she knew nothing of it, and the drugs were planted in her luggage without her knowledge.


Airport Baggage


Smugglers no longer need to cut open a zipper or jack locks, they just use easy steps like pens to open zippers and just easily close it back without the traveller detecting anything. This is why the type of bags you choose to travel with is very important.


The question now is what is the best way to travel? What type of luggage is the best type of travel luggage to ward off smugglers? Are there travel luggage tips you can follow?


These types of check-in luggage bags might be quite pricey, but they definitely get the job done. Check out these travel tips below for a few things to consider while shopping for travel luggage.


1. The weight

Be sure to check the weight of your luggage before you set out to avoid delays at the airport. This also means you will not have to keep opening the luggage to rearrange and refit items. Doing this is the surest way to lose items and forget things at the airport. It can also put your luggage at risk of items being smuggled in it.


 2. The size

Different airlines have specific travel guides. The best way to have good room for your luggage is to buy light but roomy suitcases. This will help you be more organised. You should also take note of the recommended dimensions for hand luggage on the airline.


Luggage Types


3. Wheel type

The decision of whether to get a two-wheel bag or four-wheel bag is one that you will need to make. A two-wheel bag is easy to pull behind you and is better equipped to move around rough areas. A 4-wheel suitcase will be easier to glide around tight spaces.


4. Locks or zips

Locking your luggage is the most basic of security tips. With the latest security breach with zipper bags, it is advisable to invest in zipperless bags instead as they are harder to sneak into. On occasion when your bag gets burgled at the airport, it is easier to detect that the locks have been tampered with. Then you can alert a security agent.


5. Hard or soft luggage bag

Hard cases might be durable with sleek curves and colourful exteriors. However, they are usually not as flexible in terms of interior space. With terrible handling, there is also a chance of it breaking depending on what quality it is.


Soft cases offer more room and pockets and are usually easier and lighter to carry and manoeuvre. The quality is also important here because soft cases can tear too with terrible handling.


Stay tuned with Plat4om for more tips.

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