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Travel Secrets: What To Wear On A Long Flight

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Travelling can either be fun or stressful. The end result depends on how prepared you are. Even knowing the simplest thing as what to wear on a long flight can save you a lot of travel stress. When going on a trip, you’d want to consider what to prepare. Although this depends on your destination and the season, there are generic preparation tactics you can employ.


It’s important to know what to wear, especially if you’re going on a long trip. Anyone who says long flights are fun and exciting is either lying about it or hasn’t been in one. There’s nothing glamorous about being stuck in a plane for over 13 hours.


While this is already discomfiting, you wouldn’t want to look drab. While comfort is key, you shouldn’t look tacky either. Therefore, to avoid getting sweaty and moist on a long flight, you should consider other options. These options include comfort, freshness, style, and comportment.


But how do you reconcile all these with the goal of being comfortable? By identifying and employing our what to wear suggestions below, you can fidget and sweat less on a long trip.


Tips on what to wear on a long flight

What To Wear On A Long Flight

Add the following outfit tips to your travel bag and make your trip more bearable than it will be. Honestly, long trips can be exhausting if you don’t have anything mapped out to keep yourself busy with. So try these and thank us later.


1. Take a cardigan

A cardigan is not only easy to put on and take off but can also function as an alternative pillow. You can roll up your cardigan and place it behind your head for a quick snooze when you feel exhausted.


2. Use a scarf

You can use a knitted scarf to be both fashionable and hack-forward. Rolling up your scarf makes it a good alternative pillow or a blanket. Also, you can use it to cover your eyes when falling asleep if the cabin light is bugging you.


3. Wear natural, breathable fabrics

Usually, we get uncomfortable in tight fabrics, especially when they make us sweat. So wear breathable outfits like wool or chunky knit.


4. Free bottoms and flowy tops for ladies

Chances are that you would want to raise your legs or stretch them out while seated. Wearing a skirt would only cause you to display your hoolahoop for free. As an alternative, opt for stretchy yoga pants, stretchy jeans, harem pants or culottes that would be perfect when falling asleep. The comfort will help you move around with ease. You should also wear a flowy oversized top so you don’t expose your protruding belly. This is inevitable because you’d be flying for hours and eating lots of munchies.


5. Gents should opt for a lightweight material

Men are more susceptible to feeling less confident is they look less than smart. Few men would be confident to chat up a girl while sweating it out in a suit on a long flight. Good clothes help you feel better and more self-confident. So wear outfits made from a lightweight material. Even if you must wear a suit, wear one that’s lightweight.


6. Use a tote

You need something comfortable to carry your personal stuff with. With a tote bag, you can easily carry your laptop, wallet, important documents and phone around.


7. Carry fold-able flats or slippers

You wouldn’t want to move around in them, but when you get into the plane you want more comfort and less style. You can easily lock these up in a zip bag and keep them in your tote bag. They are small enough to fit. Swap your heels or sneakers for foldable shoes.


8. Carry a spare outfit in your hand luggage

Sure you’ve wondered how some people still look put together after a long flight. This is the trick. It’s easier to put a spare outfit in your hand luggage and to get changed in the toilet. You can either do this in the restroom before the flight lands or change after the flight lands at the airport. If you have an important appointment or meeting, then this is the best way to look smart and ready to nail it.

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