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Travel In Style With The Ovis Robot Suitcase That Follows You On Its Own

The Ovis Suitcase is an $800 Robot suitcase that will follow you around while traveling. This self-moving luggage carrying your belongings does not require you to wheel it as its Artificial Intelligence (AI) does that for you.


ForwardX Robotics unveiled the device at the CES 2019, a year after showcasing its prototype at the same event. The Beijing China-located company was founded by a team of top engineers and scientists. They are passionate about developing cutting-edge robotic vision and self-driving technology according to their website.


This suitcase achieves the self locomotion feat of moving by using its AI tech as well as its special algorithm. It achieves side following its owner instead of from behind. Are you thinking of adding it to your travel tech accessories?


Watch a YouTube video of its performance:



Ovis Suitcase also comes with a computer vision. This allows it to ‘see’ obstacles blocking its part and go round them. Further, users get a handband to control their suitcases. And the device can follow in all directions as well.


In situations where it needs to be handled manually, users can just place their hands on the handle and it switches to manual mode.

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The producers mention that it is useful in airports and also at hotels. ForwardX Robotics states that its mission is pushing the envelope to enhance the lives of people through heralding the next generation of AI robotics.


At the launch, the company disclosed that it will cost $799. Nicholas Chee, the CEO of ForwardX Robotics, said:


“Most robots today are programmed to do a single task. Our AI-enabled robots can perform several different functions with very limited help from humans, similar to self-driving vehicles,


“We see that as the next true breakthrough in robotic technology.” 


The Ovis Suitcase also reappeared at the CES 2020 again. It also notifies its owner if it is farther than 6.5 feet away. Its GPS tracking feature makes it easy to find it in cases where the owner forgets it at a hotel or elsewhere.


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