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Traditional Wedding Colours: Will This 2019 Trend Survive In 2020?

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The last Saturday of the year has passed: the day when lovebirds exchange their wedding vows and become man and wife forever. In 2019, one popular trend was the couple wearing the same colours for their traditional wedding.


In some cases, the traditional wedding takes place the same day as the white wedding because of time or finances.


Couples Wearing Same Colour For Their Traditional Wedding, A Trend In 2019


Years before, couples getting married had to spend money on getting the same fabric of different colours to make their traditional wedding outfits.


Nowadays, couples do not have to spend that much to look good, as they can simply get one fabric of the same colour and then design it the way they want. Also, the colour of the couple’s headgear matches the colour of their outfit.


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While wearing different colours of headgear and outfit could look wonderful, it has its downsides. There have been instances of people matching two colours or shades that don’t look good together. The horror!


But then came head-to-toe monochrome outfits. Here, you wear the same colour (whether in the same shade or a different one) of an outfit from head to toe.


A lot of brides quickly embraced this trend as it saved them the time of running around looking for the same outfit of different colours. A head-to-toe monochrome outfit also looks very good and is easy to style.


It will be beautiful to see this trend continue in 2020. However, fashion is constantly evolving, so if a new trend springs out in 2020, we are jumping on it fully.


Big congratulations to all who got married in 2019. May your marriages remain blissful now and always. Cheers!


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