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Tracer360 Safety Vest Is The Tech That Lights Up Runners In The Dark

The Tracer360 Safety Vest has bright LED lights that leave those working out in the dark aglow. It is important to be seen while completing laps or other activities late or early in the day, and Noxgear company provides a near-perfect solution.


As we have pointed out, wearable tech is more about functionality than fashion. This well-lit vest also confirms this.


Because most people have busy schedules, they relegate exercises to late at night or very early in the morning. However, while staying fit is important, it may endanger some who have to jog or walk around areas that are poorly lit.


Thus, Tracer360 fits the description. It is both lightweight and secure fit allowing users to exercise as freely as possible. Also, it has an all-round 360º visibility that can be seen from up to 1/4 mile and anyway the wearer is facing. The all-season durability allows for use in different weather conditions.


See a video of its performance below:


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For maximum visibility, it uses 5 multi-colour flashing modes that grab attention. The designers built in light patterns that are scientifically-proven to stand out and make the tech device’s wearers extremely visible on the roadways. Users can also adjust settings on Tracer360.


There are also 6 solid color modes that let colours shine. Using Tracer360’s solid color modes provides a consistently bright colour that users can choose. It is perfect for runs supporting a cause and for large groups of people representing the same sentimental colour.


Unlike other LED gear that dulls the longer they’re used, Tracer360 is equipped with patented technology to ensure your vest stays ultra-bright and ultra-visible, even on low battery.


Also considering the battery life, it can last for as long as 40 hours meaning you don’t have to fear it dying on you while you exercise. The Tracer360 is useful when running, cycling, walking and commuting.


Those participating in marathons and search & rescues will also find the Trace360 Safety Vest as invaluable wearable tech.


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