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TPM: The Computer Security Chip That Guarantees A Secure Windows 11

Windows 11 is here and due to ongoing security crises, Microsoft has decided to make TPM(Trusted Platform Module) a requirement to update to the next version of its operating system.


Windows 11 System Requirements: Why do I need a TPM?


TPM is a computer security feature that encrypts and keeps user’s data safe and in its minimum system requirements for windows 11, there is a mention that TPM 2.0 is required at a minimum.


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Alongside TPM, users willing to upgrade to Windows 11 need to have a 1gigahertz or faster on a 64-bit CPU, 4GB or more ram, and 64GB of storage or higher. Microsoft no longer supports 32-bit hardware computers, only 32-bit software.


To be sure if your computer supports Windows 11, you can download the Microsoft PC Health App here, and its analysis will notify you of the results.

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For display, Windows 11 supports a High definition (720p) or higher for a device that is greater than 9-inches diagonally.


An example of a TPM
An example of a TPM


Okay let’s go back to the TPM, David Weston, Director of enterprise and OS Security at Microsoft explained that “The Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) is a chip that is either integrated into your PC’s motherboard or added separately into the CPU.”


He went further to say that “its purpose is to protect encryption keys, user credentials, and other sensitive data behind a hardware barrier so that malware and attackers can’t access or tamper with that data.”


Security has been the major emphasis, TPM works by using hardware instead of software. Microsoft has warned for a long time that software attacks have been on the rise.


Windows 11 Newer PCs
Windows 11 Newer PCs


With Windows 11, Microsft is looking to protect its own operating system with a combination of newer computers and TPM. Windows is the most used operating system, and they experience the most software attacks.


There are currently more than 1.3 billion Windows 10 Machines, Microsoft has required OEMs (Original Electronic Manufacturers) to ship computers with support for TPM chips since Windows 10.


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