You are currently viewing “Totally Unexpected, But We’re So Excited!”- Cassie Opens Up On Second Pregnancy

“Totally Unexpected, But We’re So Excited!”- Cassie Opens Up On Second Pregnancy

A month after she announced that she was expecting her second child, Cassie is explaining how she got pregnant so soon after her first pregnancy

Cassie, 34 who already shares 13-month-old daughter Frankie Stone with Alex Fine, 27 tells Babe By Hatch that she feels like she has“been pregnant for nearly three years” with her “unexpected” pregnancy so soon after.

"Totally Unexpected, But We're So Excited!"-Cassie Opens Up On Second Pregnancy

“I had a four- or five-month window between the two pregnancies where I remember drinking wine and then back to being pregnant,” She says.

“Before COVID, I was casually talking to my doctor about birth control, but once the stay-at-home order went into effect, I was lax about going to the doctor because I didn’t want to go out of the house unless necessary. Of course, I had no idea how fertile you are after having a baby, so I delayed. And, here we are, seven months later!

It was totally unexpected, but we’re so excited!” continues Cassie, who’s due in March. “I love that Frankie’s going to have a sibling super close in age. Plus, we’re home so much now anyway, and my entire house is all ‘baby,’ so, in that sense, the timing is ideal. But after this, I need my body back for a minute before even considering another.” She adds.

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The soon-to-be mother of two also opens up about her initial worries about spreading her love to a second baby.

“Right now, I can’t imagine what it will be like to have two babies in the house. We have our little routine. We wake up, eat, play, nap and I’m trying to wrap my mind around how it will be to add a new person to the mix.”

Also, recently Alex’s grandmother said to me, ‘You love Frankie so much, and you’re wondering how you could possibly love another baby in the same way?’ And, she was right, I think about this often. However, from what I gather, the love is infinite and different for each child. Another girlfriend of mine is pregnant with her fourth, and told me that you love all your children differently; each baby taps into a unique aspect of your personality as a woman, almost as if they all have different moms. I love this concept, and think it’s a beautiful way to look at it.” adds Cassie.


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