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Total Group Launches New Underwater Exploration Tool, Glider

The Total Group released information via their official Twitter handle about a new Exploration tool simply called the Glider.


Total is a major player in the energy industry that produces and markets fuels, natural gas, and low-carbon electricity. Their ambition as stated on the page is: “to become the responsible energy major”.


The headquarters of the company is in France but it has many branches around the world. Total operates along the entire energy value chain, from the exploration wells to the end client.


Sea Explorer Total Group
Glider. Photo:


This new innovation is regarding the exploration of minerals located underwater.


The company has existed as far back as 1924. The origins of the Total Group go back to the creation of the Compagnie française des pétroles (CFP), or the “French Petroleum Company”.


This new exploration machine will be added to their already impressive suite of exploration devices and machines. It comes with the following major features among others:

  • Super-sensitive hydrocarbon sensors
  • Engine-free
  • Ultra-light
  • Remote-control


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Each of these features will make the Glider exceptional. The video showed the still images of the machine in action underwater. Here is the Tweet below:



Total Group activities in Nigeria

Total Group in Nigeria recently sought to restate its commitment to the country. They launched an 18-month programme targeted at young graduates in 2019. This initiative is open to 500 french graduates motivated and passionate with excellent academic achievement in the fields of Engineering, Marketing, and Finance.


Total Group in Nigeria, the Total Nigeria Plc, also joined other corporate organisations, investors and individuals at the 10-day Lagos International Trade Fair. The event occurred on the 1st to 10th of November 2019 at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Onikan, Lagos. It was aimed at raising awareness concerning their products and engage the local and international public.


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