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Tornado Hits United States Killing 24 In Nashville, Tennessee

On Tuesday, 3rd March 2020, a tornado rocked through Tennessee capital, Nashville, killing 24 and injuring many others. While the officials are still accessing the extent of the damage, reports confirm that it displaced many and destroyed lots of properties.


The Tornado had struck in the early hours of Tuesday as Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) reports. It hit Nashville hardest but also spread to neighbouring counties.


A passing powerful storm had generated the destructive tornado that cut a path of wreckage through the town. TEMA further revealed that counties to the West and in the middle of Tennessee were the most affected.


While 24 people are confirmed to be dead, there are still many people that are unaccounted for. For example, in Putnam County, there are still nearly 77 people missing according to a press briefing held on the night of the disaster.


Officials also report that some power lines are down and may hinder efforts to locate missing persons. While sirens and cellphone alerts announced the impending danger, many people could not get to safety quickly enough.


The major reason why many had died was that the tornado struck just after midnight. Many of the victims had allegedly died in their beds before reacting to the alarms.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee survey storm damage, in Nashville. Photo: AP/Travis Loller.


Bill Lee, Governor of Tennessee had declared a state of emergency shortly after the incident. About 88 people were injured in the Nashville tornado as USA Today reported. But this number is expected to increase.


Also, rescue workers suffered some injuries as well during their search activities. Children, adults and the elderly were part of the reported casualties of the havoc.


Reports speculate that 140 buildings were destroyed and 50,000 people lost access to power. The Nashville tornado also damaged bridges and roads among other utilities.


It further obstructed voting in Tennessee as officials had to move polling units in Nashville due to the tornado. Davidson and county and Wilson counties units also opened one hour behind schedule.


Meanwhile, the United States President Donald Trump tweeted about the disaster, saying:



Reports also claim that the President will visit Tennessee to see the extent of the Nashville tornado’s damage on Friday 6th March 2020.


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