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Top Twitter Bots That You Should Be Using

Twitter bots allow users to optimise usage since they have access to the most information.


It is like the whole world keeps happening before their eyes. News, press releases, event videos, photos, you name it. They are all within the tips of the fingers.


Considering passing information? You can reach a whole lot more people than shouting at the top of your house. Even with the biggest microphone ever. The reach of this media cannot be quantified, it just keeps spreading.


But there are times when the information is not immediately usable. Or you may want to use it at another time. You don’t have to look for a note to jot it down and you can definitely do without complicated download applications. What you need is just some of the bots mentioned below.


DownloadThisVideo @this_vid

Looking to save that funny clip or wanting to have a piece of important documentary saved on your phone? This bot has got your back. All you need is to make a comment on the video post you want to download by mentioning the bot’s handle. For example, you can comment “Download link please @this_vid”. Just ensure the tweet contains the handle and you get a link to download the video. Note that some videos are not allowed for download because the poster has put some security measures in place.


Remind me of this tweet @ReindMe_OfThis

And yes, there is no error in the handle name just in case you were wondering. As the name suggests, this Twitter bot takes care of the need for jotting down the contents of a tweet. When you see a tweet you would like to read later, just mention the bot in the comments and add time, like you do when using alarms or reminder apps. For example, just comment “@ReindMe_OfThis by 9:00 pm on 28/11/2019”. When it is time, the bot sends a notification with a link to your comment. You simply open it and find your tweet.


Remind Me Tweets @remindmetweets

Like the above, this bot also plays an important role in setting a reminder for when you feel a tweet fits more. But unlike the above, @remindmetweets adds a screenshot of the particular tweet so that you can see what you are getting before opening the link. Just ensure you mention the handle with a time frame.

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This is an archival tool. And it is not just for students of history. What it does is save a tweet as it was posted originally. It is useful when you see a tweet that you believe the original poster might delete later. All you do is mention the Twitter bot’s handle and use the keyword “stamp” in the comment. It automatically saves the link and sends you a notification to access it on the website. Is someone denying tweeting something you are very sure you came across? Next time, stamp it!


Thread Reader App @threadreaderapp

If you find an interesting thread that you will like to read at a stretch, use this Twitter tool. It takes away the stress of scrolling and finding other parts of the thread. Also, in the case of poor internet, you get to read it all at once instead of waiting for another tweet to load. To use it, just mention the handle in the thread’s comment and use the word “unroll” in the tweet.


There are many more tools used on Twitter to make the app more enjoyable. Make sure you are not short-changing yourself. And it is all free of charge!


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