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Top Three Moments From “Game Of Thrones” Season 8 Episode 1

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If you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan, then you’re probably irked by how much people are talking about it. It’s been two years since the seventh season, so give them a break. It’s not too late to binge watch and catch up on what you’ve been missing!


However, by the time you’re done, fans may just be crying and hugging themselves as the credits of the last episode rolls by. Just six episodes in this last and final season and it has to be worth it. Drum-roll, please! Game of Thrones is back!


The first episode of the eighth season aired on 14th April 2019, and it was worth the wait. Even enemies had to put aside their differences to discuss their favourite fantasy series. Needless to say, Sunday night was well anticipated. It didn’t fall below expectations either. There was the eager desire to watch factions slice each other open. There was also the adrenaline rush you get from watching dragons burn people alive and your favourites getting down and dirty.


Although, just as expected, the premiere episode had little action. It was simply a reintroduction of your favourite characters and where you left off in the last season. It’s a setup for more important events to come, events we hope would answer so many questions. Will Arya Stark scratch off the remaining names on her list? Or will the Khaleesi learn of her true relationship with Jon Snow?


The first episode of season 8, ‘Winterfell,’ is THE premiere! It’s the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones, and here are our top three best moments. Beware, spoilers ahead!


Top three best moments of season 8, episode 1



The first episode is basically about all the reunions we predicted would happen, and we ‘loved’ every part of it.


1. Jon and Arya reunite



From the beginning, we get to see Arya Stark’s reaction as the guards walk in. The most special part is when the young woman reunites with her favourite brother, Jon Snow. Jon is also fond of his fierce little sister. At the time of their parting, Jon gifted Arya a thin sword that she named Needle. In spite of the fact that it isn’t as useful as a real sword, she’s kept it as a reminder. Jon is pleased she still has it after all these years. He shows her his own Valyrian sword, given to him by former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Beor Mormont. Arya hopes nothing divides them again now that they’ve survived and reunited.


2. Sir Jamie and Bran



Jamie Lannister and Bran haven’t seen each other since the first season. They actually began the conflict in GOT from the first season, so it seems something may go down. Bran is still acting kind of weird. If you recall, in the first season, Jaime Lannister tried to murder Bran Stark by pushing him out of a window. Back then, Bran was still a ‘sweet little kid’ who liked to climb the walls of Winterfell. Now, he isn’t so sweet anymore but is a cold and bitter person. He would rather focus on things like the Night King and his army. On the contrary, the once brash, arrogant and cruel Jamie is now a kind and thoughtful person. Talk about a twist!


3. Jon rides a dragon!



Double pleasure!!! Jon Snow rides a dragon for the first time! He’s also actually Aegon Targaryen but ‘shhh’. He rode Rhaegal, one of Daenerys’ dragons while Dany rode her favourite Drogon. After they arrived at a secluded spot, they got down with the kissing and smooching. So, Dragons in GOT are pretty smarter than other animals. When Drogon stares at Jon, it’s almost certain he knows exactly who he is.


What else did we miss? Share your favourite episode down below.

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