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Top Ten Best Nigerian Adverts Of All Times

Nigerian adverts over time have evolved. Despite the number of years, there are old-time favourites you can’t help but remember. Even with the advent of new adverts, there are still old ones that resonate among the public.


They either fall within the category of being controversial, unprecedented, sensational or not at all. It may or may not fall within the aforementioned categories, but if it does the job of selling a brand then it must have something magical.


The ingredients for an advert to be considered magical involved you crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘i’s of good branding, marketing and promotion. So, even if it’s a pen, there’s a strategy employed to make you still want that particular pen even with a thousand already on your shelf.


The message of the ads, casts, storytelling skills, sound, light, aesthetics, and so on. There is a lot that comes to play when creating the perfect picture for your viewing pleasure. You may get excited into dancing or singing along. These unforgettable and innovative ads are timeless for a reason. Just in 2018, YouTube said 17 million eyes in Nigeria viewed top adverts. Among these top ads are those ones that make you nostalgic.


Watch the top eight Nigerian adverts of all times below.


Top Ten Nigerian Adverts

1. Peak Generation


2. Sky Bank’s I Wish


3. Indomie to me to you


4. Mtn oh Jerry


5. GT Bank’s 737


6. Peak Milk’s papilo


7. Cowbell’s oyoyo


8. Honeywell bam bam la la


9. Mtn’s I don port with Saka


10. Delta’s soap stay fresh new advert


What would you take out or add to this list? Drop your comment and let us know what you think.

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