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Top Tech Trends Of The Week: Twitter Releases Voice Note Feature

Top Tech Trends Of The Week: Twitter Releases Voice Note Feature

Twitter dominates the top tech trends for the week with a new feature but we also have other interesting stories that broke this week. Read the summaries here and also look out for links to the detailed reports as well.


Twitter for iOS users got full bragging rights as favourites after the company first released a new voice note feature for them. The company says that Android and web users would have to wait for their turn. The company also made headlines towards the end of the week when it kicked out the controversial Kate Hopkins from its platform.


Still, on the topic of new app features, Facebook rolled out a new payment feature for WhatsApp users in Brazil. Additionally, while announcing its politics information center, Facebook says users can block the ad but on its platform and on Instagram as well.


Google on the other hand is facing an uphill task in its bid to buy Fitbit as an Australian commission has warned other regulators that the search engine company will have too much data if the deal goes through. Meanwhile, it rolled out a new social media platform called Keen this week.

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On the gaming front, Xbox recently restored custom live gamerpics to its platform after it acknowledges reduced strain om the internet. EA Sports unveiled Madden 21 and FIFA 21 this week as well; you can see details about these new games here.


Dell EMC unveiled a new kind of hybrid storage named PowerScale and you can read more about it by clicking this link. Konga, Nigeria’s most popular online shopping platform, announces 8th anniversary discount sales ahead of Monday, 22nd June 2020.


Juneteenth (19th June) saw top tech firms like Twitter, Square, Microsoft and Amazon celebrate black people in their own ways. However, it almost led to a protest at the Tesla Fremont factory as the CEO, Elon Musk was not quick to announce anything concerning the day. Musk later salvaged the situation by declaring the day as a holiday. Yet, people were left unsatisfied because he said it would be an unpaid holiday.


Facebook acknowledged the day by donating $200 million to black creators and black businesses. YouTube allegedly faces a potential lawsuit from black creators bordering on discriminatory treatment on the platform. Apple may also be going to court soon after complaints about the fees for its App Store is reaching an all-time high. You can read more about that in this article.


That’s much of what we captured for our top tech trends of the week. You can read up on some of our security tips for the week here as well.


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