You are currently viewing Top Tech Trends Of The Week: TD Africa Debuts New Logo, Jack Ma Leaves SoftBank And More.

Top Tech Trends Of The Week: TD Africa Debuts New Logo, Jack Ma Leaves SoftBank And More.

The top tech trends of the week is an article that brings together all of the biggest tech news that broke in a particular week. This week, we saw some major tech market-changing moves, see details below.


Following its 21st anniversary, which came with a virtual celebration, the African tech distributing giant, TD Africa changed its logo. The new logo has some fascinating meanings that we revealed in our article. In the global sphere, Jack Ma announced stepping down from SoftBank’s investor board. You can find out the possible reasons behind his action here.


Huawei had openly responded to the US’ recent sanction, calling it a ‘persistent attack’ on it. We also commented on what the possible implications may be on the tech industry if China retaliates on US companies operating on its soil. Apple is allegedly looking to move some of its AirPods Pro manufacturing out of China to Vietnam. While it may not be as a result of the trade war between China and the US, you can read the details here.

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In the app and software sphere: Twitter tested a new feature that allows users control who can comment on their posts; Instagram is working on releasing a new explore feature called Guides; Netflix plans to get rid of inactive subscribers; and Tinder released a Global Mode feature to allow users meet people around the world.


This week, Google and Apple finally rolled out the COVID-19 exposure notification software for Android and iOS devices. If you are one of those who foresee a virtual event-focused world; you will be interested in this article about Australian researchers that achieved an internet speed of 44.2 Terabits per second.


While tech firms like Facebook, Twitter and Shopify are announcing permanent remote work policies for their workers, Google is yet to commit to this. You can find out why by reading this report.


Philips has started mass producing a special COVID-19 respirator, the Respironics E30 that costs 75% less. To find out how to pre-order this equipment, follow this link. Also, see this list of the top ten most sold video games in 2020.


That is all the top tech trends that we gathered from reports around the world for this week. Don’t miss next week’s summary.


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