You are currently viewing Top Tech Trends Of The Week: India Bans TikTok And Zuckerberg Seems Unshaken By Boycotts

Top Tech Trends Of The Week: India Bans TikTok And Zuckerberg Seems Unshaken By Boycotts

The India ban on Chinese apps including TikTok and Mark Zuckerberg’s seeming unshaken response amidst massive boycotts makes it to our top tech trends of this week. Catch other exciting stories that happened this week in the world of tech as well.


India had announced banning Chinese apps like TikTok, Likee and up to 50+ others over ‘national security issues’. This ban comes in the same week that the US FCC officially classified Huawei and ZTE as national security threats. The noose around the neck of Chinese tech providers in the international space is seemingly getting tighter.


Under fire CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has told employees that the advertisers boycotting Facebook would likely return in no time. He seemed unbothered in his response, likely because the companies joining the boycott represent a small percentage of its ad revenue. Both Facebook and Instagram also rolled out a feature that reminds users to wear masks, especially as COVID-19 cases surge again in the US.


This week, Facebook shut down two experimental apps, Hobbi and Lasso. The company is also building an $800 million data centre in DeKalb, Illinois.


There are rumours that Boeing will stop producing the 747 jumbo jets by 2022. The flight company has also resumed tests of the 737 MAX with the FAA to inspect its safety.

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Google announced a change to how it handles your data. It revealed that Android smartphones will stop automatically backing up files from apps. The company also began testing Nearby Share, a file-sharing feature for smartphones. It also officially stopped making mid-range pixel 3A and 3XL smartphones this week as well.


In the gaming industry: Epic unveils Captain America skin on Fortnite; NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition with Kobe Bryant as cover art announced; Microsoft bans confederate flags and other controversial iconography on Forza Horizon.


Microsoft had also made some new changes this week as well. It increased the upload limit on OneDrive for Business and redesigned the Windows 10 Start Menu. The company may also launch the Lockhart Xbox in August 2020.


In the top tech trends for the week, we also learned that NASA is delaying launching the Perseverance Mars rover, see why here. Also, iOS 14 revealed that LinkedIn, TikTok and Reddit had a feature that copies the clipboard contents of users. The companies have announced working on a fix for this privacy bug.


As for smartphones and gadgets release, you can see the features of the latest Motorola One Fusion+ here. There are also alleged leaks pointing to a possible Redmi K30 in July 2020. Qualcomm announced new Snapdragon chips for smartwatches and you can see the alleged specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 here.


Additionally, you can read about Twitter programming language change decisions and also see what new features that WhatsApp users are set to get. Read the article about the first man who got a total artificial heart implant as well.


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