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Top Tech Trends Of The Week: Facial Recognition Technology Restrictions And PS5 Console Reveal

The top tech trends for this week include reports about industry leaders seeking further restrictions for facial recognition technology and the unveiling of the PS5 console. Also, while we bring you the abridged versions of these stories, we provide links to the full story.


We start with reports regarding Microsoft, Amazon and IBM seeking policies to control the way facial recognition technology is used. However, while IBM announced a complete hands-off from their projects, Microsoft only mentioned that it would stop offering it to the police.


Sony finally revealed the PS5 console at its live event along with games to expect; disappointingly, the company did not announce the price. PS5 console price had leaked online a day before the unveiling but Amazon had denounced the listing which appeared on its platform.


The week had begun with Samsung’s VP Lee Jae-yong appearing in court for a case that concerns accounting fraud and stock manipulation. Reports later confirmed that the court rejected the arrest warrant requests.


Jack Dorsey, continuing his recognition of Black community struggles, announced Juneteenth as an official holiday for Twitter and Square. Twitter also began testing a new feature that prompts users to read articles before retweeting them.

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Michael Seibel took Alexis Ohanian’s place on Reddit’s board; after the latter had resigned and requested that a black person take his spot. Most shocking of all is the news that 3M’s lawsuit against third-party face masks sellers on Amazon means that many people may have purchased fake masks.


Tesla Model 3s will be getting wireless charger and USB-C ports; this comes after news of the car selling triple its April units in May. The car company, in partnership with CATL, claims to have made electric car batteries that can run for 2 million kilometers. Meanwhile, COVID-19 scare threatens the full working of its Fremont factory.


This week also, Google took down Zynn from Play Store for plagiarising TikTok’s contents. The search engine company also released the beta version of Android 11, you can see how to get it here.


In the video call market: Zoom announces working on a tool that blocks users by location after criticism concerning its ties to the Chinese government; Microsoft Teams released a new feature that allows users to customise their background during chats; and Cisco revealed security features for Webex.


Facebook partially lifts its ban on face mask ads and YouTube commits $100 million to amplify black creators’ voices. Nokia appoints Marco Wirén as its next CFO and he will resume by September 2020. You may also like to read the FBI’s recent cyber warning concerning mobile banking app users.


That is all we have on the top tech trends for this week.


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