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Top Tech Trends Of The Week 30th December 2019: Iran Tops Chart

It has been another busy week in the world of tech. We bring you a rundown from the most popular tech stories that we reported to the ones that you may have missed. Sit back and enjoy all the summaries of the most important tech stories this week of 30th December 2019.


Top tech trend: Iran hackers hijacking a U.S. federal website

It is hard to miss this story as it just broke. Iran had responded as many expected by attacking a U.S. website in its first of what many call “wave of cyber attacks”. The hackers defaced a picture of the United States President Donald Trump and posted some chilling messages. Read the full story that tops our top tech trends of the week by clicking here.

Twitter crackdown on influencers

This story made a very sad year beginning for Twitter influencers whose main source of income came under threat with the new policy. We explained the policy and its implications in an article. The group had already begun experiencing the effects as some accounts were already suspended.

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Tesla shares increasing as market takeover seems more likely

Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, made headlines several times this week. In the wake of its Chinese factory launch, Tesla seems to be outdoing expectations. Its shares also keep soaring and do not seem to be in decline yet. Why not check out the whole story?

Samsung already making moves in 5G smartphone market

It seems like while the rest of the tech world shuffled their feet in doubt, Samsung stole into the market. 2020 began with the revelation that there were already 6.7 million Samsung 5G enabled phones in the market. This makes the company a major mover in the new tech market with over 53 percent already in its hand.

Amazon threatening to sack workers

Tech trends of the week

Amazon workers protest. Photo: Getty Images.


The woes of 2019 followed tech giants, Amazon, into the new year. Reports emerged that employees who spoke out about its involvement with oil and gas companies were threatened with termination of contracts. Despite the company denying these allegations, its actions seem fishy. Check our article on this.

California’s new privacy law

Another 2020 policy made our top tech trends list. California’s new privacy policy mandates that tech businesses reveal the data they have on their customers on demand. We revealed that customers get to choose if they want it sold to other businesses or not.


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