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Top Tech Trends Of The Week 20th January 2020, WhatsApp Unrolls Dark Mode

The week of 20th January 2020 comes ends with the top tech trend of the week being WhatsApp’s dark mode. Also on apps enhancing features, we saw Tinder announcing the launch of new safety features for users.


Let us quickly go through summaries of some of the major tech trends that made rounds this week.


1. WhatsApp dark mode

People have been clamouring for the WhatsApp dark mode since as long as Twitter users have wanted an edit button. However, for one set of users, it looks like they are finally getting what they want. On 22nd January 2020, the company announced launching its dark mode for the chatting service. Despite being in the testing stages and only available for the Beta version users, others are expectant that it is now just a matter of time.

2. Tinder’s coming safety features

Safety features are coming for those using the Tinder dating app. The features will include emergency assistance, location tracking, and photo verification. Although it will require submitting a series of real-time selfies and other info, it will be used in proving that people are who they claim to be on the app. Testing will commence in certain markets before becoming available to the rest of its users later in 2020.

3. Paga buys Apposit

Nigerian payment service, Paga made top tech trends of the week after it bought a US-based software company that operates in Ethiopia. However, it is not stopping at purchasing just the company. Reports claim that Paga will soon be expanding into Mexico and Ethiopia.

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4. Tesla becomes the second most-valuable carmaker

In what is a good run for Tesla, it just ousted Volkswagen from second place as the second most-valuable carmaker in the world. Now, second only to Toyota, Tesla will be stepping up its game if it is ever to reach the first spot.

5. UNICEF drone academy in Malawi

top tech trends of the week
Students at the Malawi drone academy.


To improve the use of drone technology in battling many of the societal problems, the United Nations Children’s Fund launched a drone academy in Malawi. As one of the first-ever in Africa, it will be leading the way in drone education.

6. Bolt launches Keke in Uyo

Bolt appears on our top tech trends of the week as it launched a tricycle hailing service in Uyo. The Nigerian State had previously banned bikes, thus tricycle was a major means of transportin the area and Bolt is cashing in on that.

7. GM unveils a futuristic car

General Motors (GM) is currently working hard on making their futuristic electric car ready to be used by the end of 2020. The car is named Cruise Origin and it may be arriving to challenge Tesla and others.

8. Huawei gets map option

With the U.S. ban threatening to squeeze the life out of Huawei, the Chinese company finally gets a breather. After Google pulled support from Huawei smartphones, the Google Map left a gaping hole on its exit. Recently, Huawei announced that it had reached an agreement with TomTom to use its app services. Read more here.


We look forward to next week for more exciting tech stories.


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