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Apple Releases Top Downloaded Apps From App Store For 2019

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In line with its tradition, Apple released its list for this year’s most downloaded apps from its App Store. It’s not entirely unrecognisable from last year’s. Number one for two years in a row now is YouTube. While, second and third place is again Instagram and Snapchat, respectively.


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Here are the top ten free iPhone apps downloaded in 2019, according to Apple:

1. YouTube

2. Instagram

3. Snapchat

4. TikTok

5. Messenger

6. Gmail

7. Netflix

8. Facebook

9. Google Maps

10. Amazon


TikTok perhaps is the biggest jumper of the apps in the top 10. The ByteDance owned social media site was ranked 16th last year, and this year it’s at number 4.


In February, the video app hit one billion downloads and ranked number 3 in Apple’s App Store, which is quite impressive.


The impact that TikTok has had with its popularity is quite reaching. Instagram in response is testing its own similar in-app tool in Brazil. It will allow users to create 15-second clips, with music, that they can upload to their stories.


The Chinese based TikTok isn’t resting on its laurels though as it is already testing a deepfake feature. This will allow its users to add their faces to select video clips.


For paid apps, Facetune is number one for the third year in a row. Scheduling app, HotSchedules, took second, beating special effects app kirakira+ from last year.


The iPhone games category was released for the first time. Mario Kart Tour took the number one spot this year knocking out Fortnite, which now ranked number eight this year instead.

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Here’s the full list for games:

1. Mario Kart Tour

2. Color Bump 3D


4. Call of Duty: Mobile

5. BitLife – Life Simulator

6. Polysphere – art of puzzle

7. Wordscapes

8. Fortnite

9. Roller Splat!

10. AMAZE!!


For top paid iPhone games, Minecraft takes the top spot followed by Heads Up! and Plague Inc.


Spectre Camera (Lux Optics), an AI-powered app that allows you to take long-exposure photos, took the title for Best iPhone app of the year. While indie adventure game Sky: Children of the Light took the spot for Best iPhone Game of the Year.


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