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Tolulope Obianwu: The Data Analyst Connecting African Women In STEM

Tolulope Obianwu is a data analyst. But that’s not all. She also runs an event company and co-runs Connecting African Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (CAWSTEM). She has cut her teeth in tech by growing her career as a data analyst.


On creating impact, Obianwu says,

“I think that we need to start from our immediate environment before you can actually say you want to make an impact. You cannot just make an impact on the world. It starts with your immediate environment. They say charity begins at home.”


Starting with women like her, she says the way to go is to start from the basics. Obianwu acknowledges that women have had to deal with a lot over the years. She says women are undermined and are not exposed to equal opportunities. She thinks,

“If we empower women with the things they need to do and how they need to do them, I think women will be able to get by and do more with their lives.”


On what inspires her to keep going, the tech-savvy woman says the urge for excellence is a major drive for her. “No matter what you find yourself doing, do it well, be excellent at it.” She says she pays major attention to the work that rather than the attitude. She says if one can be diligent at their jobs, they can achieve a lot. Obianwu hammers on letting one’s work speak for them. She explains that excellence is her watchword.


Speaking on opportunities available for women in the tech space, Obianwu says,

“Whatever is available for men is available for women. That is the truth; we have shifted from this is a man’s job to this is a job. Technology has really taken the workspace, such that what a man can do, a woman can equally do, most times better.”


The future

Obianwu thinks the future of tech in Africa will be very interesting. She says technology has helped us do things from a place of convenience. She went on to acknowledge how much easier things are going to get with the improvement of technology. From communication to transportation, convenience is going to be a top benefit of technology.



Obianwu admits that her biggest challenge is time, and she never gets to do all she sets out to do in the day. She says the time constraint is a big issue for her. She also adds that she looks forward to robots making things easier and her being able to use machines to multi-task and get more done. The data analyst identifies people management and artisans being sloppy as a major challenge too. “If you have time and money, your problems are solved,” she added.


A continued highlight to Obianwu’s career is being able to see the rewards of her efforts. She says seeing the smile on someone’s face because of something she’s done or a task she has completed is very gratifying. She believes that will remain the highlight for her.

“I recently did a forum for Connecting African Women in STEM. You could see the look on people’s faces when they got the knowledge of what next to do with their life. That is very satisfying.”


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