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Toke Makinwa Says The Culture Of Blaming Women For Their Partner’s Cheating Has To Stop

Toke Makinwa recently took to her Twitter account to touch on trending relationship issues. On Thursday the media personality said people’s partners should take full responsibility for their philandering ways.

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

According to her statements like “men will disgrace you” seek to rub the shame of cheating on the partners when it is solely theirs.

Stop saying “men will disgrace you”, that is alluding and accepting shame for another’s crime. Instead say “men will disgrace themselves”. Adults should carry their cross without the distribution of shame. The woman was not in the mix, leave her out of the insults,” she tweeted.

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She added that the narrative of bashing women for the sins of their partners has to change.

“I know we all love a good hot, pipping, steaming tea. But can we try to cultivate the habit of not bashing women for the wrongs of their partners. If a woman gets cheated on by her husband/partner resist the urge to blame her for his wrongdoing and no, it’s no reflection on her.”

The conversation on infidelity was recently sparked off on social media after Derrick Jaxn, American relationship coach publicly announced he was cheating on his wife.


Toke Makinwa, 36 is a Nigerian media personality. She’s host of The Morning Drive on Rhythm 93.7 FM and also runs a popular Youtube Vlog, Toke Moments.


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