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To Service iOS Customers, Microsoft Is Bringing xCloud Through The Web

Microsoft is allegedly working on a web version of xCloud that will run on iOS and it may launch it as early Q1 2020.


According to a The Verge report, the software giant is trying to get xCloud on iOS and iPadOS devices. It has met several roadblocks on its path to building an app for Apple’s platform. Thus, it appears to be seeking out a web shortcut to get to more users.


Apple has been beneath the spotlight of controversy over its several policies and overpriced fees. Between xCloud and Apple, the issue bordered on the fact that the iOS owner wants the gaming platform to submit their games as separate apps.

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Even while it gives Microsoft the avenue to create a catalog-like app that puts all links to other individual apps in one place; it is not what the software giants want with xCloud. This difference has meant that iOS users were left out of the gaming service which Android users have been enjoying.


Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft gaming department, said that xCloud will eventually come to iOS. In an internal meeting, Spencer confirmed, “We absolutely will end up on iOS. We’ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass.”


Microsoft has been focusing on its gaming arm in recent months and it has been seeing positive results. In September 2020, Xbox Game Pass surpassed 15 million subscribers, which represented an increase of 50% in just six months.


Microsoft also plans to officially release its next-gen gaming consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S, in November 2020. It is clear that it is marking its territory in the gaming industry.


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