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Tips To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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Stretch marks are part of the souvenirs from your pregnancy journey. They’re some of the indications of the sacrifices you make to hold your bundle of joy in your arms and should be worn with pride.

They start to show up from around 13-21 weeks of your pregnancy. Pregnancy stretch marks are as a result of wear and tear under the tissue of the skin caused by the skin stretching tight during pregnancy.


Whether you’ll have these beauty marks during your pregnancy is really dependent on genes. If your mother had them while pregnant, chances are they’ll show up. If she didn’t then your chances of not having them are looking great.

What can you do to minimize stretch marks during pregnancy?


stretch marks

Keeping the skin soft and moisturised is a great way to minimize pregnancy stretch marks. This is because when the skin around the bump becomes dry, it itches and scratching can cause the marks to appear bigger and thicker. Keep a tub of cocoa butter, olive, or coconut oil around to keep the skin moisturized and itch-free.

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Keep an eye on your weight

It can be hard to keep pregnancy weight gain in check but you can be conscious of it. Watch what you eat and how much food you consume. That you’re eating for two doesn’t translate into consuming food portions for actual two people. Keeping it down to the required calories in a day will help you gain weight steadily other than in a rush.

Eat your vitamins

Nourishing with vitamins especially with Vitamin C will help to keep your skin toned and fresh and also, reduce some of the wear and tear of pregnancy.


Pregnancy stretch marks are unfortunately not totally preventable so do not get agitated when they show up. It’s all part of the beautiful process of having your baby. Instead of spending tons of money trying to get them out, you can just wait it out. They may even become more noticeable after delivery but after a while, they fade to faint streaks.


Nevertheless, rock them while they are around.


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