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Tips On How To Stay Safe Within Lagos As Traffic Robberies Increase

If you live in Nigeria, then you know that insecurity is at an all time high. Several cities and not just the North-East have been hit with repeated spates of kidnappings and robberies. Lagos State in particular is experiencing unprecedented rates of kidnappings and robberies, especially robberies in its infamous hours-on-end traffic.Lagos traffic robberiesWith security agencies’ lukewarm approach to curbing the rapidly deteriorating situation, citizens have no choice but to protect themselves the way they can, sad as it is.

With this in mind, we’ve sourced tips you can use to evade being robbed or minimise the impact if it ever happens.

— Don’t use your phone if you’re sitting close to the window while in traffic.

— Ensure your windows are up.

— Minimise going out at night to reduce your chances of getting mugged

— If possible, stash your laptop, valuables in the trunk of your car as the hoodlums sometimes smash windows to gain access to cars.

— Some ladies now also take off their wigs in Lagos traffic to avoid looking conspicous.

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— Be wary of street urchins who come up to say your tire is deflated or your side mirror is shaking and the other gimmicks. It’s most times a ploy to distract you so they can carry out their thievery.

— You can also get a small penknife, tasers, air, or stun guns for your personal protection. However, be careful how you use it so as not to escalate a situation beyond your control. For example, if you’re heavily outnumbered, it may be a good idea to give them what they want rather than trying to fight already desperate people.

— Try to avoid hotspots that are notorious for robberies.

Stay vigilant at all times and keep close numbers you can call in case of emergencies. Hang in there, stay safe and hopefully, this too shall pass soon.


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