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Tips On How To Kiss Like A Pro

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When you kiss, it involves one major thing: the lips. If you don’t have lips, then stop reading now. For those humans who would love to learn how to be the best at kissing, then read on for tips on how to kiss like a pro.


Just like s*x, there’s no one way to kiss. It’s diverse and could be unique to some. While it may seem like one of the easiest things to do, it can still go downhill. From clashing teeth to creepily licking the person’s face, kissing wrongly can be achieved. But the point is not to learn how to be sloppy at it, but an expert.


There’s no worse deal-breaker than when you touch lips with the wrong person. So the first thing that helps kissing work is chemistry. If the chemistry isn’t there, then you may have to work extra hard for it. But the moment you feel that zing, it could start slow during the exploration moment, and then the fire would get lit. That’s the moment you begin to experience all those romance novel moments.


But it sounds easy when you look at it from a wider scope, hence we shall break it down. Here’s how to kiss like a pro.


Expert(ish) tips on how to kiss like a pro

First, before you read on, are you sure you have lips? If you do, then that’s splendid because those are your tools to achieving these expert(ish) tips. Your lips, paired with the tongue, should be your two favourite tools. Since kissing is all about giving and taking, you need to be willing to give.




Be vulnerable and open. Then again, you should resist a little with your lips – that’s where they come in. Your tongue can also be involved in some kind of mouth tango – flirt a little. Make sure you try to keep the teeth away, it’s not a tug of teeth. Sure, you can playfully bite your partner’s lips a little, but smacking your teeth with theirs is not s**y at all.


Now, here are tips that can make your kiss memorable and unique.




Consider the setting

No pressure, but what’s a worse start to a good kiss than a bad location? One location that can come tops on the NO list is in front of your parents. Not only is PDA a big problem completely in Nigeria, kissing in front of your parents is just, well, suicidal. So, you should pick the right location that’s private to get down with Kissing 101.


Be ready for the kiss

You’re lucky you know what you’re in for so be ready. Get your lips ready by ensuring they are not too dry or chapped. Try using a good lip balm. Then, you should also get your breath checked. Use mints or mouth spray to prep your mouth. You should also brush your teeth properly ahead of it.


Photo: Megan Tatem / Crystal Law


Ask for consent to kiss

Not only is this polite, but it also gets the heart pumping when there’s chemistry. You would cause a certain somebody’s toes to tickle when they know you’re coming in for a kiss. And it could save you from a bad experience if the person just had something not so s**y in their mouth. Rather than jumping right in and getting greeted by a fish oil tasting mouth, you can just ask in a swoon-worthy way.


Start with the lips, then the tongue

You don’t want to be too greedy or desperate, so begin with the lips. Then you can introduce the tongue slowly. If this is your first time, you should take time to mark your territory with your lips before darting your tongue in and out. The dance of the tongue can be done flirtatiously, like “I’m here, and then I’m gone. Oh, here I am again”. Try not to use too much tongue to avoid being sloppy – you’re not a dog.



Get hands-on

You don’t want to seem like a weirdo using just your lips with your hands hanging by your side. Explore their face, arm or even hand while you get your kissing on. This is one way to open things up. You can start out by holding their face, then spreads your fingers on the back of your partner’s neck or lock hands with theirs. Just get your hands involved.


Pay attention

That person gave you permission to get that intimate with them, so focus. Try not to get distracted and focus on building the chemistry. If things move on to the next level from there, then that’s amazing. But if things don’t work out, you can try again or move on.


Photo: Megan Tatem / Crystal Law


Then again, you can kiss other places besides the lips. These areas are cute enough to start with if you’re not all in for jumping right on to the lips.


You can kiss:
  • Under the jawbone.
  • The soft spot behind the earlobe.
  • A little dip in the collarbone.
  • Tip of the nose.
  • Inside the wrist.
  • Forehead.
  • Shoulder.
  • Closed eyelids.


Anyone can be a good kisser with practice, practice and more practice.

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