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Tips For Men To Style Their Business Casual Outfits

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It’s probably an office thing, but some men believe they need to look serious and boring to work. This has become a thing, and some companies add these outdated specifics to their dress code policy. Reading this right now makes you a rebel, and we love it! It proves you’re ready to be heralded into the world of men style. Welcome to the stylish men’s club!


Shirt? Suit? Tie? Yawn!


Gone are the dull days, and hello to the new days of style, class and gentlemanliness. Men want to deviate from the norm anymore and explore all the world of fashion has in store for them.


Also, they want to get dig deep into their personality and make their lives more interesting. The right watch or socks can do to a lot in sparking up your outfit. That’s why we’ve brought you meticulously-styled outfits you can wear to work. This is courtesy of Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service for men and women founded in 2011 by Katrina Lake.


In addition, it’s important you’re comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Working takes a lot of brain-work and, when the weather is not favourable, your outfit can become a distraction. That’s why you need to look out for comfortable clothing items that are 100% lightweight and ventilation-inclined.



Five casual ways men can style up their work outfits

1. Button-down shirt and jeans


Does the boss insist you wear a touch of formal? That’s fine because you can get away with a casual-formal look. By pairing your jeans with a button-down shirt for work, you can move around easily and still look the part. Jeans is the new formal anyway. You can quickly stop by at your boys hang out and still look like you’re as chilled as you are. No suit in your way of fun time.


2. Dressed-up denim


This is a way you can go all out with your denim theme while still wearing a button-down shirt. Denim on denim works really well, and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore. You can pair dark jeans with a button-down printed shirt and a light denim jacket. To give your look an extra dash of style, put on suede Chelsea boots.


3. Lightweight blazer


Stitch fix suggests that you wear this to occasions when you need to dress up a bit. The material should be unlined or unstructured. This would enable it to be less stuffy and airier. You’re out to have a long day, so you need ventilation even when you feel like wearing a blazer. Dress this up a bit with chinos pants and a shirt, and you are work ready.


4. Linen suit and suede sneaker


Does the work policy say you should wear a suit? No problem. You can get away with adorning yourself with a linen suit. The fabric is super comfortable, and you will go about your daily work schedule in a chill, stress-free manner. Try not to snicker at others sweating it out in thick suits. You’re lucky you know better by dressing lighter. Dress up your linen suit with formal shoes and a shirt. Or dress it down with a polo shirt and suede shoes or cool sneakers.


5. Short sleeve, chinos and wingtip shoes


Are you ready to flex those muscles and pretend that’s not what you’re all about? Then you can go subtle with a short-sleeved polo. Even if flexing isn’t your intention, this is still a good way to stay cool all day. Pair it with a nice pair of chinos and wingtip shoes to complete the look. You can wear anything like this if it’s not a wardrobe essential on your list.

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