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These Four Tips Will Make Working With Documents Easier

As a worker with tons of writing work piled up on your table and a lot of deadlines, you can become really frustrated. The feeling you get when you have so much paperwork to do or research to make and you don’t have any tool to make working with documents easier can be frustrating.


There are a number of things a worker can do to make your workload easier and faster. Take a look at four tips to make working with documents easier.


1. TLDR or TL;DR


TLDR (or TL;DR) is also an internet acronym for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” It is used to express that a piece of digital text (an article, email, etc.) is too long to be worth reading.


The tool helps to summarise articles for a worker and reduce the stress of having to read through a rather boring article. Making use of TLDR helps the worker to facilitate workflow and research.


2. Use of smartphones

Transform your old phone


A smartphone allows easy access to a camera to take pictures of work that needs to be done in case you want to complete your work at home. As a worker, It is also useful in snapping briefs of clients to help you have information with you as often as possible.


Smartphones also help you make schedules of all the work you have to do. this will help you know what work you’re meant to do at what time. This will help you feel less overwhelmed.


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3. Save Powerpoint files in PPS rather than PPT extensions

working with powerpoint documents


PPT files are PowerPoint Present2ation files. These files open in edit mode when using the full Microsoft PowerPoint program. On the other hand, PPS files are PowerPoint Slide Show files. These files open in slide show/presentation mode and are viewable on any computer using PowerPoint Online or the mobile app.


It saves files made in powerpoint to PPS because files open in the slideshow mode with no PowerPoint interface. When the presentation finishes or you manually exit using the ESC key, PowerPoint also quits. The PPT  files, however, open in edit mode within PowerPoint allowing you to use all the menus and commands.


4. Use small PDFs

working with PDF documents


It is easier to make your PDF smaller so you can email it, upload it or store it without wasting bandwidth or space on your mobile device. It also helps you to store files on your phone without having to worry about space problems.


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