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Tinder Now Allows Users Text Before Matching, Profile Videos, Announces Explore Section For Shared Interests

Tinder, the world’s most widely used dating service has announced that it is adding support for two new features; mostly to help users connect with each other on the platform. These include the trouble with adding videos to users profiles; briefly messaging other users before matching with them; as well as a new Explore section to discover new people on the app. A shift in demand from users in a post-Covid world is responsible for this improvement.

Firstly, the ability to add videos to profiles; which the company expects to offer users a more “authentic way to express themselves.” When the feature rolls out, users will be able to select, crop and upload up to nine videos to their Tinder profiles. The company says it expects the feature to be used most by Gen Z; which it says now makes up more than 50 percent of its global user base.

Secondly, another feature called ‘Hot Takes’; which allows users the ability to quickly message each other before they match on Tinder; but it is not yet clear whether it will be available for a limited time period. The app will present two people with a timer; which will allow them to opt to match and then continue talking.

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If users participating in Hot Takes decide to let the timer run out, they will be paired with another user, the company states. While Tinder is comparing the new Hot Takes to its older Swipe Nights limited edition feature where users participated in an interactive storyline, this is actually the first time Tinder is allowing users to message each other before they match.

The last feature announced by Tinder today is a new Explore section on the app, which is also targeted at Gen Z. This new Explore feature will be based on activities and passions, and will allow users to meet new people (or matches) that share similar interests. The company is also adding support for a new Festival and Chef Mode, which will also let users discover more people they might be interested in.

In terms of availability, Tinder says that the new Explore section is coming to users in the coming weeks. Similarly, users will be able to upload up to nine videos to their profiles from today, while the new Hot Takes feature is now available every day starting today from 6PM to midnight.



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