Timi Dakolo Reveals His Children Are Aware Their Mum Was R*ped

Timi Dakolo Reveals His Children Are Aware Their Mum Was R*ped

Top Nigerian RnB artiste Timi Dakolo says he and his wife  Busola, have discussed her r*pe incidence with their children. According to Timi, his children are aware that their mum children was allegedly r*ped by a pastor when she was 16 years old.Timi Dakolo Reveals His Children Are Aware Their Mum Was R*pedIn June 2019, Busola Dakolo filed a suit against Pastor Fatoyinbo after alleging that he r*ped her in 2002 which  caused her lingering emotional distress.Timi Dakolo Reveals His Children Are Aware Their Mum Was R*pedHowever, on 14th November 2020, The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Court 12, sitting at Bwari, Abuja dismissed the case filed by Busola Dakolo against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). Justice Oathman A. Musa gave the judgment.

He held that the matter amounts to injustice and an abuse of the judicial process. The judge also added that the case was empty and purely sentimental.

Meanwhile, Timi Dakolo spoke about the r*pe saga on the latest episode of ‘Toke Moments‘, with Toke Makinwa

Speaking on the show, Dakolo said his concept of raising kids is one that allows them to freely express themselves.

“Yes, we informed our kids. I think I raised my kids differently. Children love validation. My kids can talk to me and express themselves very well. I had to make them know that their mother is a superhero. I explained that it was a painful experience that happened when their mum was very young,” he said.

“They understood even though they might not know the gravity of what it was. They understood that something was happening. So, anytime they go to her, they give her a hug.”

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The “Iyawo Mi” crooner also recounted the difficulty the family faced handling the matter at the time.

According to him, his celebrity photographer wife initially found it difficult approaching him to talk about the issue and her resolve to make it public.

Timi Dakolo said he remains resolute in his support for Busola because of his love for her and believes in the “for better, for worse” marital vow.

“When you tell someone that, ‘I’ve got you, be true about it. Oftentimes, we associate being a man with muscle, biceps and strength. The pain that one feels that is not physical is the real pain,” he said.

When one tells one’s partner, ‘for better, for worse, most people think it is just ‘for the better because one cannot quantify the worse. It does not announce itself. When one says those words, one has to be sure. Don’t say it because everyone is saying it. Many times, she had wanted to tell me certain things but I had waved her off. I had known about the issue and telling me was not easy for her.”

Timi Dakolo added that he wasn’t scared that what happened to his wife would affect his brand at any point in time.

“No, I was not worried that her story might affect my success. People don’t get it. Someone once asked me this question and I said I would always know how to sing. In the midst of six billion people, I would sing and people would notice,” he said.

He enjoined those going through similar experiences not to feel intimidated or ashamed in sharing their stories with the public.


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