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TikTok’s Parent Company ByteDance May Be Making A Smartphone

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TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, might just be building its own smartphone. There are emerging reports that the phone will come preloaded with the company’s apps like TikTok. It will also add its news and information content platform, Jinri Toutiao.


According to a report by The Financial Times, ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming had always wanted to build a smartphone filled with preloaded apps. The Chinese company confirmed a deal with phone makers Smartisan earlier in the year.


The company also revealed that it had acquired a patent portfolio. Furthermore, it hired some Smartisan employees.


Specific details about the phone design was, however, not given. But there were suggestions that the company could experience some issues because of the United States ban on Chinese telecom companies.


ByteDance was previously banned by the Indian government for promoting cultural degradation. The ban did not go on for long and was later relaxed.




The chance that the tech company will follow through with the product are really slim according to expert evaluation.


Amazon and Facebook had once gone on a similar voyage. The companies had launched phone preloaded with special apps. However, they had to end the production because the products did not fare well in the market.


Meanwhile, Chinese selfie app maker Meitu has had a successful feat making its own preloaded smartphone. It went into a deal with popular phone makers, Xiaomi.

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