You are currently viewing TikTok Unveils Jump To Allow Content Sharing Through Third-Party Partners

TikTok Unveils Jump To Allow Content Sharing Through Third-Party Partners

TikTok has come out to declare a new feature that allows users to share content through third-party partners. TikTok Jump is now open to a limited number of creators such as Whisk, Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse, and Tabelog.


Jump can be made by a third-party provider and creators can connect to it within their videos. For example, a food enthusiast can directly link to recipes found on the Whisk app in order to provide more information about a meal she shared on her TikTok video. Users can also explore breathing exercises on Breathwrk or take quizzes through Quizlet flashcards linked in an educational video.

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In the beta testing earlier this year, Whisk was one of the partners that participated. More versions of Jump will be launched by third-party content providers in the next few weeks such as BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL, and WATCHA. Sean Kim, TikTok’s Head of Product, wrote in a blog post that the goal is to create the “last mile” of TikTok community’s “discovery journey” and get users to interact with creators on a deeper level.


The new feature is a welcome addition on the platform as it gives creators more options to engage their followers. Jump integrations are also possible with HTML5 compatibility, and TikTok says there are almost endless use cases for the feature. Third-party providers can apply here to start building their own Jump service.



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