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TikTok To Launch A Major United States Office In Los Angeles

TikTok announced on 22nd January 2019 that it is opening a major office complex in Los Angeles, making a major move to assert its dominance in the United States. This is a huge accomplishment for the Chinese-based company and its owner, ByteDance.


Besides the fact that the US is a big market, there is the China product ban to consider as well. The China-US trade war has made it difficult for products and services to make headway in other countries. The general atmosphere of distrust it creates is enough to stall growth.


However, the short-term video service is not hindered by this. TikTok plans to open the 120,000 square foot office in Culver City, Calif by Summer 2019.


It features an open floor plan married with conference rooms, private phone booths, a presentation and gathering space styled like a stadium. Also, there are terraces likely for indoor/outdoor work environments scenarios.


In addition, a content-creation studio will be completed by the summer of 2020. The facility will be available to TikTok creators and partners. Already the reigning number one iPhone app in the United States, TikTok is making its stamp seen everywhere.

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An example of its popularity is in the fact that most recent creative videos on popular social media platforms are created on TikTok.


With its new L.A office coming up, the service surely is making a loud statement. There are also rumours that TikTok is looking for a US-based CEO to run the office.


TikTok Launches A Major United States Office In Los Angeles
TikTok Launches A Major United States Office In Los Angeles. Photo: PR Newswire.


However, the service has also come under scrutiny for targetting employees of rivals. Business Insider reports that employees at such services as Facebook and YouTube have been approached by the Chinese platform


With the upcoming office building launch, Byte-Dance viral video sharing platform hopes to spread its reach even further.


Vanessa Pappas, general manager, TikTok U.S. said about the office:


“Located between the innovative tech companies in Silicon Beach and the streaming content companies at Hayden tract, TikTok truly sits at the intersection of technology and entertainment, physically and figuratively,


“While we are a global company, having a permanent office in LA speaks to our commitment to the U.S. market and deepens our bonds with the city, and the talent and companies, that call it home.”


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