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TikTok gets text-to-image AI green screen generator for background

TikTok gets a text-to-image AI generator for background

TikTok gets a text-to-image AI generator called ‘AI green screen’ which allows users to type a text prompt and get the image they want.

This is a powerful tool for creators as it saves them the stress of searching for backgrounds or even settling for something else when they can’t find the one they want. TikTok is basically giving TikTokers the best background tool on any social media platform.

In addition, it shows just how far text-to-image Ai has suddenly leapt in just a matter of months. It was just a few months ago that we were talking about OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 and now, even TikTok is offering such a tool.

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However, TikTok’s AI is still very much basic when compared to the above-mentiond DALL-E 2 or Google’s Imagen. Those ones bring an eerie humanly touch to their results that makes one pause for a second. The complexity that these text-to-image AIs provide and there coherence is something that TikTokers may not be aware that they are missing.

A few early testers have told us that the TikTok AI green screen does not do well when it comes to adult imagery and gore. However, while it won’t bring the explicit result you want when you type in such requests, it will come as close as it can to achieving a semblance of it.

To access the feature:

– Hit the “+” icon in the centre of the homescreen to create a post

– Tap on “Effects” on the left and choose “Green Screen”

– Next, tap on the option that says “AI” and input the text that describes the background you want to see and tap on create

– Give the AI some time to finish loading your request.

Sometimes, the AI may be overworked and will tell you that it is busy. You can give it some time and then, try again.

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