You are currently viewing TikTok is testing out ‘clear mode’ for better viewing experience

TikTok is testing out ‘clear mode’ for better viewing experience

TikTok has begun testing a ‘clear mode’ feature aimed at giving a better viewing experience by removing buttons and functions overlay. Those who can use it already report that the username, follow, comment, and other buttons that show at the bottom right of the screen are removed when the feature is activated.

In a statement to TechCrunch, the short-video platform confirmed that it was indeed testing the feature for a limited number of users. While it was not revealed how the users were selected, you can check if you are one of them by doing the following:

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  • Tap and hold the screen of a video
  • A pop-up appears from under the screen and you will see ‘Clear mode’ under the ‘Add to Favorites’ button in the menu
  • Tap on it and enjoy your clutter-free viewing

Despite confirming the test, the company said that it did not have much details to share yet about the feature. For now, we can only see its usefulness in watching videos without the distractions of the UI overlays. Also, some users have reported that the buttons sometimes cover parts of a video which could be important.

Twitter has a ‘Theatre Mode’ as part of its streaming live feature that stops users from seeing comments and we are not yet sure if the ‘Clear Mode’ the same for TikTok Live. In addition, there is no info on when other users are to expect the feature.

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