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zynn watch videos

TikTok Clone, Zynn Will Pay You For Referring Friends And Watching Videos

Zynn is a new short video platform that differentiates itself by paying its users to sign up, watch videos, and make others do the same. The app has shrugged off competitor TikTok, to emerge the top free app in Apple’s store. It also has a top ten spot on Google’s PlayStore.


The app debuted on the stores early this May and has become massively popular as a result of its “payment scheme”. Mashable reports that  Zynn is a well funded TikTok copycat looking to steal its market share.


Its developer Owlii/Qianyun Zhao was acquired by a multi-billion dollar Chinese company called Kuaishou. Kuaishou was valued at $28 billion in a financing round in December 2019. The round included big Chinese tech companies like Baidu and Tencent. Kuaishou reportedly earned $5.7 billion in revenue last year.

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Zynn’s strategy seems like it is paying off as it reportedly is not running any ads in the US. The app has a referral scheme in which it pays users to refer others to sign up and use its service. Zynn promises $110 if you can refer up to five people to sign up. Although the caveat is that you’ll receive the money only arrives if those that you refer continue to regularly use the app.


zynn watch videos

Zynn has replaced TikTok as the top free app on Apple store.


The app prompts users when they sign up to inform them that $1 has just been placed into their account. Then it credits you with $20 for every referral. And then, you’ll get an extra $10 after referring 5 friends. Scrolling through the Zynn video feed helps you also accumulate points which then add to your monetary totals.


The app requests location access during sign-up, however, you can continue the process if you decline. You’ll also have to link a PayPal account to cash out the money earned from the app.


The Verge says the app has an identical core as TikTok oriented around watching short portrait-orientation videos. The major difference is a countdown timer with a dollar sign in the middle which hovers over every video. The Zynn timer fills up and gives you points as you watch videos. The points can be redeemed later as cash or gift cards.


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