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TikTok Announces More Privacy Settings For Young Teenagers

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TikTok has announced that it will be adding new default privacy settings for the accounts of young teenagers on its platform. The short video platform is updating the default settings for users aged 13 to 15, to limit who can view and comment on their videos.


The change means that only their friends can view their videos, and their accounts won’t be suggested to other users. TikTok will also completely disable the option to let anyone comment on these users’ videos, even after they make their account public.


Users between 13 and 15 will only be able to allow their friends to comment on their videos. They can also turn off comments altogether.

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TikTok will also disable the Duet and Stitch features, which allow users to repost and respond to another person’s video for its users under 16. Users under the age of 16 will also not be able to download videos.


TikTok will now disable the default ability of 16 and 17-year-old to download their videos by default. It’s also restricting the Duet and Stitch features to just their friends.


The changes are TikTok’s way of doing more to shield its young users and their content from the rest of the community. TikTok had started allowing parents to remotely set restrictions on a child’s account in 2020. Recently, TikTok began allowing parents to tweak their kid’s privacy settings, too. TikTok had also previously disabled direct messaging for users under 16.



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